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Research, Development & Consulting

Acu-Bright pursues ongoing research and
development of breakthrough chandelier
cleaning and restoration technologies...

Anticipating the needs of both its corporate and residential customers, Acu-Bright has been dedicated to finding ever more efficient methods of cleaning and restoring precious crystal fixtures.

Inventors of Precision Chandelier Cleaning
Beginning with the initial invention of the Aquasonics™ ultrasonic vessel, Acu-Bright began developing advanced cleaning technologies to service the wide variety of fixture sizes and styles, and specifically the largest chandeliers that could not be moved in cleaning.

Now holding patents in more than 15 countries, Acu-Bright is the leader in advanced environmentally safe and efficient cleaning of chandeliers, precious glass and metal fixtures.

Acu-Bright has perfected their patented Aquasonics™ system. Utilizing sound waves rather than chemicals to clean chandeliers as they hang in place, Aquasonics™ is a touch-free, environmentally safe process that enables cleaning on-site chandeliers. The process creates no static so chandeliers stay brilliant longer and aren't damaged in handling.

Traditional style chandeliers with hanging prisms can be cleaned to brilliance using Acu-Bright's ultrasonic cleaning process. Yet, new technologies are now required to bring the brilliance of Acu-Bright cleaning to a new class of emerging ultramodern designs.

New Technologies for Emerging Designs
Today, as chandelier designers rival creating ever more complex chandelier works of art, they also test the capabilities of the elements of their art and the means to maintain them.

New chandelier styles have presented owners and manufacturers with new and challenging cleaning problems. Upward facing prisms and other intricate configurations have called for a system with the versatility to clean the crystals from all angles while at the same time protecting the electrical  and metal components from damage. 

Acu-Bright's Response
Acubright is presently in the final stages of testing an innovative system to respond to the new designs that is a radical departure from its patented ultrasonic breakthroughs.

Some advantages of the new system are already apparent. The process:

  • enables vertical and horizontal cleaning, especially advantageous for larger chandeliers
  • cleans electrically sensitive areas and fixtures, such as those incorporating LED lights
  • brilliantly cleans conventionally unreachable areas
  • is chemical-free and environmentally safe

Early results show that the new system can both efficiently and economically clean to sparkling clarity this virtually uncleanable new class of fixtures.

More detailed information about the new process will be released immediately upon trial completion.

Consulting Worldwide
As Acu-Bright's reputation has grown, the company principals have been invited to consult on cleaning and restoration projects throughout the United States and Canada. Museums, historical landmarks, international resorts and private residential customers have relied upon Acu-Bright to personally advise and assess the care of their fine fixtures. Acu-Bright is available to conduct on-site evaluations and encourages your inquiries concerning your specific needs.

Comprehensive Services
With its full range of capabilities, Acu-Bright provides customers with complete management of their cleaning and restoration projects. From expert craftsmanship and quality customer service, to its commitment to innovation, Acu-Bright is the leading company of choice for major hotel chains, resorts, theatres, casinos, governmental facilities, major chandelier manufacturers, and home owners. Please call us at 1-800-927-4448 to discuss solutions to your fine fixture maintenance.

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Acu-Bright Aquasonics™

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Aquasonics™ cleaning crystal
as they hang.

Protects Chandeliers
Aquasonics™ eliminates the use of chemical sprays, and hand-scrubbing of crystals without damaging plating.
Environmentally Safe
Only pure water and sound waves are used, avoiding the need for and disposal of unnecessary chemicals.
Increases Brilliance
More surface area of the chandelier can be fully cleaned resulting in a cleaner brighter piece.
Results Last Longer
Since no static is generated on crystals, dirt is not attracted to cleaned surfaces and there are no chemical or soap residues to collect dirt and other contaminants.
Saves Time & Money
Aquasonics is less labor intensive yet more thorough making it up to 85% faster and more efficient than chemical hand cleaning.
Notably Superior to
 Other Methods
Aquasonics™ has been proven to be more efficient, less disruptive, and less costly than other cleaning methods.

We at Wilshire recommend and utilize the Acu-Bright cleaning method.  We have found this patented system not only preserves quality crystal by removing harmful contaminants without chemicals, but most importantly also neutralizes static so the chandelier stays cleaner longer.  Because the crystals are cleaned in place and are seldom handled it virtually stops breakage.  The Acu-Bright cleaning system is especially prolific for time sensitive projects.

Mark E. Segill
Vice President
Wilshire Lighting
Taunton, Massachusetts

Wilshire Mfg.